West Arete
Custom software for organizations that are doing good in the world.
Across the country, there are benefit corporations, nonprofit organizations, and foundations that are looking to create positive change in the world. We bring the best practices of the software development industry to these projects. Our unique combination of talent, motivation, and purpose allows us to serve these organizations better than anyone else.
Why work with us?
We take a people-first approach to software development. The best software is produced when deep domain knowledge is combined with deep technical knowledge, and that requires extensive collaboration and feedback. Our strengths of communication and empathy rest on a strong foundation of engineering, craftsmanship, and process. Read more about our approach…
We were one of the early firms to be using Ruby on Rails professionally. We have been practicing Scrum for project management as long as we've been building web applications, and we have two certified ScrumMasters on staff. We've been an advocate of Test-Driven Development as a means of improving code quality and flexibility since the beginning, and we made it our standard back in 2009. Read more about our capabilities…
Our disciplined process allows us to routinely deliver large, well-crafted projects on time and on budget. We have a depth of experience in high-performance computing, mission critical applications, complex organizational workflow challenges, and financial and security concerns. Read more about our recent projects…

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