Service Contracts

Once a web application is complete, its real lifetime can begin. Any application that is in active production use will have needs surrounding hosting, modernization, security, feature requests, monitoring, and support.

West Arete provides a unique, comprehensive fixed-fee service contract for custom software applications, so that your application can remain vibrant, stable, and secure, without any load on your own team.

Full stack

West Arete is uniquely suited to servicing the full stack of the application. If desired, we can handle everything including the virtual machines, DevOps, application development, and technical support. We are also happy to draw the line at a subset of those capabilities, in order to mesh with your needs and existing infrastructure.

Technical point of contact

One of the primary forms of relief that a service contract provides is having West Arete be the primary technical point of contact for the application. This helps to relieve your staff so that they can focus on other priorities.


When an application has languished without attention for a period of time, it doesn’t stand still; it falls behind. Frameworks, languages, libraries, plugins, and infrastructure all become out of date. This introduces security vulnerabilities and makes it harder to do development because the tools are out of date.

As part of the service contract, West Arete will seamlessly keep all dependencies of the application fully up to date. This includes major version upgrades when necessary. In this way, your application will always remain completely modern, maintainable, and able to respond to current needs.

We will also continue to ensure that the application meets relevant accessibility and security policies for your university.

If an application has languished for some time, it’s common to do a modernization project first to get it back up to speed before beginning the service contract.


Every service contract includes a monthly pool of hours to be used towards enhancements and new features that are prioritized by the primary stakeholder. Regular deliveries help to restore a feeling of consistent and predictable progress, helping users to regain confidence in the application.

We can refactor the application code for maintainability while adding features, allowing the application to evolve while being fully supported.

Major enhancements can take the form of a concurrent application development project.


We follow a regular pattern of meetings, metrics, and deliveries to coordinate with your stakeholders and set guidance for the next iteration of development. Our team becomes an extension of your operations, so that you know that the work is properly delegated, but you also have control and visibility to ensure that we’re properly accountable for delivering the reliability that the application deserves.

Let’s Connect

The first step is often a zero-pressure phone call to answer questions and explore whether we both feel that there could be a fit.