Team Augmentation

One or more members of the West Arete team can join your team on a temporary basis. This can help to fill a staffing gap and provide much-needed velocity while you recruit to fill a vacant position. Or it can help to provide a temporary boost to a particularly critical project, without having to commit to another permanent full-time salary.

One of the main benefits of working with our team is our long history of working in higher education. We’re familiar with security and accessibility policies, with university authentication systems, and even with the legal and purchasing process that’s necessary for us to get started. We’re right at home in your working environment.


Our team is naturally adept at getting up to speed quickly in new subject areas. As a custom software development company, we specialize in being nimble in applying our skills to new projects and new clients.

When we work with another development team, we know the importance of adopting the team’s existing style and conventions. We’ll follow your vision for the project, and we’ll make sure that we’re contributing in a way that’s sustainable.

A side benefit is that we can bring an area of expertise to your team and project, such as test-driven development, data visualization, API knowledge, DevOps, or product ownership. We often find that staff augmentation opens doors for mentoring, so that other members of your team can boost their knowledge and skills, while still making progress on the project at hand.


When it’s time for our team members to transition off of the project, we make sure that the appropriate documentation and hand-offs are in place.

Sometimes a more sustaining engagement emerges in the form of a service contract, where West Arete assumes the responsibility for an entire tier of the application and/or infrastructure. This allows your team to continue to move on to additional feature development or other development projects.

Delegation as an alternative

Sometimes your team simply has too many projects on their plate. In this case, rather than multi-tasking your team to attempt to appease multiple stakeholders, consider delegating a project entirely to our team so that your team can focus on their best and highest use in other areas.

The project in question could be in the realm of application development or DevOps. Often it’s a project that has significant priority, but it always seems to get bumped slightly down the priority list, and it can’t afford to wait any longer.

Let’s Connect

The first step is often a zero-pressure phone call to answer questions and explore whether we both feel that there could be a fit.