Unexpected benefits of using Terraform for small installations

Technology December 10, 2018

When we think about tools like HashiCorp’s Terraform, we usually think about orchestrating and managing large, scalable infrastructure. And many of the examples out there make the same assumptions.

But what about reasonably small installations? Setups where you really only have a handful of servers?

Perhaps counterintuitively, it turns out that Terraform scales extremely well to small setups, as long as you have the right patterns and practices in place. We now benefit from many advantages that we didn’t originally anticipate when we first started using Terraform for small installations.

In this white paper we explain in detail what we gain by taking such an approach, how you can follow the same patterns, and why we’ll probably never do another manual setup for a production-grade installation. Enter your contact information below to access the full article (we respect your privacy and we’ll never sell your information to a 3rd party).

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