A Student Information System designed specifically for independent law schools

A perfect fit for law schools, with a plan for a smooth migration, and designed to last for decades.

Discover how we partnered with a respected independent law school to develop the perfect Student Information System (SIS).

  • A specialized approach to Student Information Systems for law schools

    Imagine an SIS whose grading, enrollments, and degree audits were designed specifically for JD degree programs and law schools. We worked in partnership with a respected independent law school to model their ideal scenario. Every interface is designed to fit your staff’s workflow and your school’s desired policies. And because an SIS never exists in isolation, our system is designed to integrate with every other supporting system that you depend on.

  • Early incremental rollout and migration

    Launching critical software all at once is a recipe for disruption and disaster. West Arete's unique methodology allows us to incrementally integrate the new system alongside your existing SIS, so your faculty, staff, and students (and your desired policies) have time to evolve to take advantage of the new system without causing disruption or risk. Your institution will start to see the benefits of the new system within a few months, as opposed to waiting almost 2 years for a typical SIS launch. We take responsibility for the data cleaning and migration throughout the entire process.

  • A true investment, via shared IP ownership

    Mission-critical systems such as Student Information Systems need to last for decades in order to provide a good return on investment for the school. In order to provide guarantees for such a long projected lifespan, we believe that the school deserves to own a stake in the software intellectual property that they depend on. Our company has a track record of supporting and evolving our clients' mission-critical software for 20 years. Shared ownership not only helps to ensure longevity, it also transforms your financial picture by allowing your CFO to capitalize your investment as an asset.


California Western
School of Law

California Western School of Law (CWSL) faced the universal problem of SIS options that were never designed with a law school in mind. After grappling with both in-house and commercial options, they collaborated with us to develop a new, highly-specialized SIS tailored to the unique requirements of a law school and Juris Doctor degrees. This work resulted in a system that seamlessly integrates with all of CWSL’s ancillary systems, reflecting a true understanding of their operational needs.

“When the promises of our previous software vendor didn’t match up, it came down to to what extent the software was expected to accommodate our institution, vs. the extent to which the institution would be required to adapt for the software. In our case, the expectations that the previous vendor had for CWSL’s ability to adapt was unrealistic. For many reasons, we simply couldn’t change the nature of the institution to fit the software.”

David Blake VP of Administration, California Western School of Law

Novo Student Information System

An SIS that perfectly models the way a law school thinks and works.

Explore CWSL's innovative leap to a specialized Student Information System, resulting in heightened efficiency, adaptability, and academic standards.

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