Enterprise software specifically designed for your institution.

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Case Studies

Highly specialized software that smooths the way for ground-breaking research and education.

Novo Student Information System

California Western School of Law

Create and integrate an SIS that perfectly models the way a law school thinks and works.

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Research Information Management System

Penn State

Capture the most comprehensive picture of Penn State’s research output in a single system, and publish the clean metadata via an easy-to-use interface for other developers to build upon.

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Membership Payment Processing

1% For The Planet

Integrate with several supporting platforms to provide a seamless and secure workflow for all 1% for the Planet business member payments.

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Federation Manager

Internet2 / InCommon

Lead the security audit and initial modernization effort of the web application that manages the metadata for the InCommon Federation.

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Why Work With Us?

We create high quality products while putting people first

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  • Approach

    Our strengths of communication and empathy rest on a foundation of engineering, craftsmanship, and process.

  • Capabilities

    We use best practices like Scrum and Test-Driven Development to create high quality code and web applications.

  • Experience

    We have experience in high-performance computing, mission critical apps, organizational workflow, and financial and security concerns.

West Arete has been extremely enjoyable to work with because they are concerned not only with the product in development, but also with the transfer of ownership and knowledge to our team in regard to what has been developed.

Dan Coughlin Head Libraries Strategic Technologies
Our Process

We use the best practices in the industry


West Arete has used the highly collaborative, highly effective Scrum process for nearly a decade and has two certified Scrum Masters on staff. This project management structure is rigorous with regard to time and budget, and responsive with regard to scope and design.

Test-Driven Development

This is a rigorous programming practice that dictates that the developer must write an automated test for the code, even before the code itself is written. This standard helps to ensure that all code is working as the developer intended and is maintainable in the long run.

Continuous Integration

All code written at West Arete goes through a rigorous continuous integration process in order to catch defects and ensure that the application is always ready to deploy. Each code change is automatically run through its suite of automated tests on a separate build machine.

Let’s Connect

The first step is often a zero-pressure phone call to answer questions and explore whether we both feel that there could be a fit.