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We guide and encourage our own personal visions and trajectory
so that we can set our sights high and fulfill our potential.

Crafting exceptional software for higher ed institutions is just the start. At West Arete, you’ll find benefits that may surpass your expectations and managers who care deeply about your well-being. In short, a dedication to giving people the best working years of their lives. Our unique approach often surprises new employees: “I’ve never seen a company that’s run this way.”

Life doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern, which is why we remain flexible in our hiring. We may not always have specific roles open, but we’re known for creating positions for the right individuals at the right time.

If you’re contemplating a change and believe in making a meaningful impact, dive into the details below and connect with us if our values resonate with you.

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Benefits & Work Environment

Team-First Approach

Your voice matters here. Every team member significantly shapes our company through collaboration, professional development, and mentorship.

Flexible Schedules

In the same way that no two people are alike, no two schedules are the same at West Arete. Within the time requirements of a full-time position, we give our team ample schedule flexibility to manage work, family, and personal time.

Health & Wellness

Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

You are immediately eligible, and we pay 100% of the insurance premium for you and your family.

Health Savings Account

We fund an HSA account to the amount of your chosen health insurance plan’s deductible.

IRA Retirement Plan

Tax-deferred contributions with matching 3% employer contribution and immediate vesting.

Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Life Insurance and AD&D insurance to help protect you and your family.

Parental Leave

West Arete offers one month of time off with full pay and benefits for new parents – biological, adoptive, foster, etc. Short-term disability will run concurrently for the birthing parent (13 weeks at 60% pay) in order to help fund the paid leave. We’ll cover the difference to keep your pay at 100% while you are still using leave, sabbatical, vacation, etc.


Supporting mental and cultural wellness, West Arete provides up to $250 annually for memberships to museums, parks, and other venues to inspire and rejuvenate your spirit.

Generous & Unconventional Paid Time Off Policy

Vacation Time – 4 Weeks

Four weeks during the year to recharge and refresh. This time will not roll over to the next year, so you will be strongly encouraged to use it all.

Mandatory Sabbatical – 3 Weeks

After one year of employment, expect a fully-paid, fully-unplugged, mandatory 3-week sabbatical every year (yes, in addition to your vacation time!) to pursue something personally fulfilling and developmental that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to accomplish with a typical full-time career.

West Arete’s most mind-blowing benefit is a mandatory one-month sabbatical for every employee, every year. Yes, this is in addition to vacation. Yes, every person must take one. No, you can’t check your work email; we shut off all of your accounts when you leave.

Why do we do this? Because it’s easily one of the most impactful things that we can do for our employees’ lives. Because we each come back incredibly refreshed and motivated. Because it’s actually incredibly powerful for streamlining operations and validating responsibilities.

Watch Scott’s TEDx talk on sabbaticals

Absent Time – 2 Weeks

Two weeks of absent time that may include, but are not limited to; illness, family emergency or illness, appointments, bereavement, religious holidays.

Federal Holidays – 6 Days

West Arete is closed for the following Federally observed holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day

Volunteer Time – 20 Hours

West Arete encourages our employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within these communities. Employees are encouraged to take half a work week of paid time off during regular business hours for volunteering in the community.

Current Openings

If there are no currently open positions, we welcome you to join our Top Talent list.

Top Talent List

We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals who want to work in a one-of-a-kind environment and make a difference in the higher ed community.

We may not have an opening at the moment, but our team is growing and positions may be available soon. We always encourage you to check back, but submitting this form will allow us to keep your information on file should an opportunity arise.

Our work ethic is built on trust, and all submissions will remain confidential. We respect your privacy and will never share your personal information.


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Why work at West Arete?
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