2024 Internet2 Community Exchange


March 4-7 at Sheraton Grand Riverwalk Chicago, IL

For worksheet downloads and more information
about our session, Design Thinking: Exploring
Student Success, click here.

West Arete is a benefit corporation that builds highly specialized enterprise software for higher education.

As an InCommon Catalyst and an engaged member of the community, we are privileged to attend this year’s event and reconnect with colleagues in the fields of research and education, meet new peers in trust and identity, and gain valuable insights from the exceptional track sessions. We extend our sincere appreciation to the organizers, volunteers, speakers, hotel staff, and all those who contribute to making this event a memorable experience for all attendees.


View Presentation Slides

View Presentation Slides

In our workshop, Exploring Student Success, participants explored using human-centered design to enhance the digital student experience. Attendees learned innovative strategies for aligning technology with the evolving needs of students, faculty, and administrators. The session provided insights into practical problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of the end user’s perspective. Participants left equipped with tools for integrating new technologies seamlessly into their institutions.

For those eager to apply these methodologies and drive meaningful change, we invite you to access our collection of blank worksheets and further resources. Continue your journey towards impactful educational innovation here.


West Arete Conference Attendees

Scott Woods


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Natalie Simonson

Director of Outreach

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Netta Caligari

Community Lead

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