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West Arete is a benefit corporation that builds highly specialized enterprise software for higher education.

As an InCommon Catalyst and active contributor within the community, TechEX22 is one of our favorite conferences. We are honored that we had the opportunity to attend this year to catch up with peers in research and education; meet new friends in trust and identity; and gain valuable insights from the stellar track sessions. Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, speakers, hotel staff, and everyone else who made this event special for all.

It was great to see so many of you in person!

Here are some of the ways we participated in the Identity and Access Management Track during TechEX/the conference:

IAM-HER Welcome Breakfast

We were proud sponsors of IAM-HER, a community of women and their allies who work in Identity and Access Management in Higher Education and Research.


InCommon Catalyst Partner Exploration

Our CEO, Scott Woods, presented as part of the InCommon Catalyst groups who shared a bit about who they are and the value they provide to higher ed and the open-source community.

Catalyst Info

Advance CAMP

ACAMP is an “unconference'', where the research and education community develops an agenda around current topics and trends impacting their day-to-day work. You can review the notes from each session on InCommon’s wiki page.


West Arete Conference Attendees

Scott Woods


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Netta Caligari

Community Lead

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Liz Munsterteiger

Creative Lead

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Five days go by so fast! If we didn’t get a chance to socialize during TechEX, we welcome email introductions. Please reach out any time.

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Featured Guest

Justin Ménard

CEO & Founder, ListEdTech


ListEdTech is a market research firm that tracks systems used in education. Part of their mission is to help colleges, universities, consultants, edtech companies, and private equity firms leverage data to understand the education world better and target future customers.

More Information

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Notes from Justin’s ACAMP session:
Industry Data on Tech in Higher Education



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