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Technology July 10, 2020 Scott Woods

Get an introduction to IAM from Internet2 (you can bring your cat)

Now more than ever, university IT departments need to eliminate waste and manual labor, and replace these areas with automation. Identity services are a great place to focus on, because they cut across all parts of the university. There’s a rare opportunity coming up the week after next: Internet2 is hosting their BaseCAMP introductory workshop online for the first time. This is an IAM (Identity and Access Management) workshop that’s geared toward beginners. It’s perfect for technical staff who are new to identity, but it’s also perfect for the managers of those staff. 

Administration June 5, 2020

Universities need COVID-19 mobile apps to include authentication (but still preserve privacy)

Administration May 29, 2020

Can COVID-19 mobile apps help to make colleges safer in the fall?

Administration July 20, 2019 Scott Woods

An introduction to maintenance costs for custom software

Building custom software is expensive. It generally involves at least several months of design and development effort, combined with extensive planning and input gathering throughout the organization. Most organizations aren't prepared for the actual cost of custom software since they don't take maintenance costs into consideration. Now add headaches, setbacks, and shrinking budgets. Don't worry, it gets worse. Let's dive into a key distinction of custom software development: software maintenance costs vs. software development costs.

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Research December 28, 2018

How we typically mesh with your university department’s IT group

Technology December 14, 2018

How we approach software development mentorship

Technology December 10, 2018

Unexpected benefits of using Terraform for small installations

Research November 28, 2018

MIT article on the Living Wage Calculator project

Research November 12, 2018

Leverage industry expertise when writing your next grant proposal

Research November 10, 2018

The three guiding principles for storing & archiving research data

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