InCommon shines a spotlight on Design Thinking Workshop at CommEx24

News & Updates June 18, 2024 West Arete Staff

We’re excited to share that InCommon has featured our recent design thinking workshop Embracing New Tech for Student Success that we hosted at the 2024 Internet2 Community Exchange. As a proud InCommon Catalyst, West Arete believes in creating more creativity and collaboration within our community. It’s an honor to see our efforts recognized by such a respected partner.

Exploring the Workshop

InCommon’s article, “Takeaways from a Design Thinking Workshop at CommEx24” provides an in-depth view of some of the key elements behind our event:

  • Innovative Approaches: The article showcases how our team applied the principles of design thinking to address and solve tough challenges presented to the attendees.
  • Engaging Activities: Learn about the interactive activities and exercises that made this workshop very impactful.
  • Participant Insights: The responses and the experiences of participants testify to how effective collaborative problem-solving is.
  • Future Directions: InCommon also outlines our plans to execute the workshop findings to lead future innovation and improvements.

Our Partnership with InCommon

Our relationship with InCommon goes beyond this workshop. As an InCommon Catalyst, West Arete helps be a part of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing technology and innovation in education. We are all united by a common goal: creating a safe and connected digital environment, a portion of which is realized through our collaboration with InCommon.

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“The future success of IT initiatives on campuses hinges on their capacity to bring diverse groups together, particularly those for whom the solution is intended. Technology challenges, as well as the opportunities they present, cannot be siloed from the human experiences they aim to enhance or streamline.”

— Netta Caligari, West Arete

To see our sessions findings report, worksheet downloads and more information about our session, visit this page.

We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with InCommon and look forward to many more collaborative initiatives in the future.

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